The Conker


A British Built Design Made To Conker

At Holiday Home Living we are always looking for innovative Holiday Homes and products that enhance your holiday experience. In recent years innovative design has led to contemporary holiday homes that would happily grace any luxury home development. So the discovery of ‘The Conker’ piqued our interest.

Designed by Cheshire-based automotive engineer Jag Virdie, The Conker is his personal dream made real. Jag’s experience with Roll-Royce, Bentley and Lotus and, since he went freelance, with aerospace clients too, has taught him to design with the customer’s comfort and safety at the forefront of design process.

The versatile holiday home design means The Conker can offer one bedroom accommodation with room for a double bed; storage space for clothes, etc; a kitchenette; and even an en-suite with shower. It’s perfect for holidaymakers seeking the outdoor experience, without any niggling discomforts. But unlike a traditional ‘glamping pod’ should you wish to upscale, the unique design allows you to link multiple Conkers together to create a separate kitchen, extra bedrooms, bigger bathrooms/wet room or sitting room. The only limit is your imagination!

Jag said:

Aerospace and automotive engineers have learnt how to integrate engineering excellence into understanding what the customer wants and I’m bringing this same philosophy to the construction of The Conker.

With our increased awareness of the depletion of natural resources and working closely with Keele University for a ‘user focused’ design. I applied the most state-of-the-art thinking to the design, to ensure absolutely minimal impact on any environment in which it is placed and in its ongoing operation. It can be erected in just one day and built to operate completely off the grid, via solar panels, hydro or wind or can be hooked up to mains electric, alternatively fitted with rechargeable batteries. This means it’s suitable for use in even very remote locations, where, because of its four minimal anchor points, it has almost zero impact upon the ground in which it is set.

The spherical design allows for natural run-off when it rains and no, or very small, foundations ensures zero impact on natural drainage. For those who enjoy their creature comforts, a heat-exchange pump ensures a comfortable maintained temperature and a constant flow of fresh air, which really aids sleep and optimises the body’s metabolism.

Built to BS3632 regulations The Conker provides a solid year-round holiday home solution that will extend the operating calendar for managed parks that doesn’t cost the earth, either in economic or environmental terms. It doesn’t hurt that it looks absolutely stunning too. The cherry on top? Every element of this beautiful structure has been designed and made in the UK, before being assembled in Cheshire.

To learn more about how The Conker can form part of your business, call Jag Virdie on 07971 882995, email him at or visit the website