The WiSE Way To Monitor Your Park’s Security and Efficiency


With almost 30 years experience in Security and Fire solutions in the Leisure and Construction Industries Ramtech Electronics is now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of innovative wireless solutions and the recent launch of their new WiSE Platform (Wireless, Information, Security and Energy) now adds energy meter readings, occupancy monitoring and staff management, all without the need for SIM or Wifi.

Specialising in areas where SIM, WiFi, mains power and Internet connections are prohibitive. The new WISE system can cover large geographical areas with low power radio networks creating a secure, robust and closed network for managing your business needs.

Ramtech Electronics is a leading provider of Fire, Safety, Security, Risk, Energy Metering and Alerting equipment, based around Innovative Wireless Radio Solutions.
WiSE offers the ability to monitor and manage devices around your business from energy meters, security alarms, equipment failures (e.g. sewage pumps), cleaner/ maintenance complete, security patrol points, mains fail alerts, alert points, plus much more. WiSE collects meaningful, non-intrusive data to allow your business to work smarter, offering a bespoke security platform, an energy-billing platform to invoice your customers automatically, all via a web browser login. Providing real-time alerts, automated reporting and advanced analytical tools assist in extracting meaningful insights from your business data.

WiSE solutions can be adapted to suit all types of business while offering peace of mind to owners in support of the Leisure experience they provide. The WiSE system can aid in driving additional park revenue and ensuring continuous savings, gained by working in an innovative and efficient manner. Based in Nottingham, all Ramtech products are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Contact Details: Ramtech House, 6 Castlebridge Office Village, Castle Marina Road, Nottingham NG7 1TN. Tel: 0115 822 3425 Fax: 01159 705415