Huge Savings For Hot Tub Owners

The arrival of the Climacube Heat System from Park Leisure Solutions is set to revolutionise the Hot Tub industry. With major Park Operators already using the groundbreaking energy efficient design, saving them energy, time and money.

Designed in the UK by national supplier Park Leisure Solutions Ltd the new Climacube Heat System uses a fraction of the energy required by traditional heater elements. For the team at Park Leisure Solutions the only rational way to back up the energy credentials of our new Climacube Heat System, was a straight head to head test against a current conventional heating system (in this case a standard fit 3kW Heater Element) across their range of Hot Tubs – and the results, outstanding! Saving on average just under 60% less time to heat up the Hot Tub and a massive 85.7% reduction in energy cost, great news for both customers and the environment.

To achieve these results rigorous controlled testing of the both a Climacube Heating System and a standard 3 kW Heater Element installed in the Park Leisure Solutions Hot Tub Range was undertaken. The results of the testing illustrate the compared performances of heating contained water from a standing temperature of 7 degrees C and 10 degrees C to a operating temperature of 36 degrees C using a current, standard specification, commercially available 3kW Heater Element and a Climacube Heating System.

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