New Holiday Home Security Innovation

Holiday Home Security On Your Smartphone

Keeping your holiday home secure while you are away, whether for just a couple of hours, days, weeks, or even when your park is closed is an increasing issue, most owners will rely on sturdy locks and their park’s security. But what if your holiday home could call you anywhere in the world? Contact you as soon as someone tried to gain or even gained unauthorised access to your holiday home. Would send you a photo of the time and date, allowing you to immediately contact the park to investigate, or be used as evidence in a criminal investigation or even alert you to a sudden temperature change in case of fire.

Well a UK company, uWatch Limited has invented just that – The uWatch Cube. This palm sized security device was last month awarded ‘Secured By Design’ membership, by the ‘Official Police Security Initiative’ the flagship UK police initiative to help ‘design out’ crime through the use of high-quality, innovative products and processes. The ‘Secured by Design’ approval panel included: two Chief Constables, the National Police Chiefs Councils Crime Prevention Lead, two Assistant Chief Constables, an Assistant Commissioner and a former Assistant Chief Constable. They commented, “There is nothing like this on the market, it will help to stop crime, reduce crime and solve crime”.

How it works

The uWatch Cube is a battery or mains powered computer with camera, heat sensor and SIM. Once positioned in your holiday home, if it is moved, something moves in front of it, or triggers movement sensors placed in your home, it will send you the alert plus a picture immediately. It even senses when the temperature is outside a range you can set … and will alert your Smartphone via the GSM network. This is a real-time communication sent to the uWatch App on your Smartphone anywhere in the world typically in about a minute. From your Smartphone, tablet or PC you can escalate the alert to someone else or change the Cube’s configuration to switch on the tracking or camera.

When there are no alerts a “heartbeat” is sent via the uWatch App to confirm that it is working and warn you, if you are not running off the mains, when the batteries are running low. Unlike wi-fi the Cube is totally mobile, it can work anywhere swapping from one network carrier to another automatically, without the need to put in passwords. The Cube can also manage up to eight optional Bluetooth movement sensors tags in your home that will activate if an attempt to open a door or window is made.

Unlike many home security systems there are no installation costs or special requirements at all. You can use the Cube from mains power or batteries. Battery life is normally six months depending on the amount of movement sensors you have. To use the Cube you simply place the Cube in the most effective area within your holiday home, install and register the free uWatch App on your Smartphone and you are ready to go.

What it costs

The cost for the Cube including 12-month SIM contract, all data and warranty is £238.80 + Vat. Bluetooth ‘Movement Sensor Tags’ for extra security are £30 + Vat each. The Cube also has infrared camera options available if required.

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